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Doodley Dayo, The Curly Puppy Who Can Skateboard:

A Children’s Book About Self-Confidence, the Power of Acceptance, and Friendship

Mom, Teacher, and Therapist Approved!

Share with your children an endearing story that celebrates the beauty in our differences.

Doodley Dayo is the smallest puppy in a litter of ten. Even though his siblings love him, Dayo’s wild hair, head tilts, and sideways walk make him the oddest puppy in the family.

As Dayo grows, staying true to himself is hard, especially since everyone around him seems the same—and different from him. But when adopted by a girl named Hazel, Dayo discovers that his differences help him connect with kids who need a friend. Dayo learns that what makes him different is actually something to be proud of!

Hazel teaches this adorable, curly-haired puppy to love popcorn, skateboarding, and making new friends. But that is not the end of their story. Dayo and Hazel are just beginning their journey as a therapy dog team, helping kids in their community who, like Dayo, need to know they are not alone.

Share this touching book with your child to experience the transformational power of self-confidence, acceptance, and friendship. The story of Dayo will teach your little ones to respect all the differences that make us unique while making friends in the process.


Doodley Dayo: The Curly Puppy Who Can Skateboard also teaches children:

  • How to love and accept themselves

  • How to accept the differences in others

  • How to show kindness to others


This book is perfect for children of all ages!

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