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Doodley Dayo, Dayo's First Field Day!

A Children's Book about Helping Others to Never Give Up

Mom, Teacher, and Therapist Approved!

Being a therapy dog can be a lot of fun! This is Dayo’s first adventure as a therapy dog team with Hazel. As they start their job at Eagle Run Elementary School, Dayo discovers how he can help the students who are struggling with stress, sadness, and fitting in at school. His school days are filled with something new each day. Sometimes kids want to play games with Dayo, and other days they just need a listening ear when they have a problem.

But no matter the task, Dayo is up for the challenge. When Dayo and Hazel attend the school’s Field Day, their talents and teamwork really shine. Dayo helps the students of Eagle Run Elementary School learn how to reach their goals and to never give up. Along the way, even Dayo is reminded to always keep trying as he works toward earning the big Field Day trophy for his new friends!

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