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Santa Gets a Snow Day!

A Children’s Book About Christmas Magic and Believing in the Unseen

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so be inspired by the magic of Christmas in this heartwarming story with Dayo and Santa.

Christmas is always a magical time of year, but when combined with a snow day, anything is possible! As Hazel and Dayo enjoy sledding and snow cones on a snowy Christmas Eve, Dayo wonders about Santa and Christmas magic. “How do reindeer fly? Do Santa and his reindeer get tired of flying? Is Santa even real?” These are just some of Dayo’s many questions as he and Hazel prepare for Christmas morning.


When Dayo unexpectedly meets Santa and his reindeer, he learns that Santa has never had a snow day. Dayo can't believe he's never experienced such a fun day and is determined to show Santa what he's been missing. But meeting Santa isn’t his only surprise. All of Dayo’s questions will be answered as he discovers if Christmas magic is real and just in time for Christmas morning.

Santa Gets a Snow Day is the perfect addition to your holiday book collection.

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